School visit ITMA MILANO 2023

10th June 2023 /


/ Donation

Collaboration with local schools is one of Pafa’s vocations.

Strengthening school-enterprise ties and facilitating dialogue and exchange is a virtuous path that certainly enriches the school but also has positive implications for the enterprise. Reducing the distance between these two worlds has been the primary objective on the tables of institutions for years.

With the initiative to bring the school to Itma Milan 2023, Pafa wanted to make a contribution in this direction.

In view of the relationship already established with the Istituto Industriale Statale Tullio Buzzi di Prato, and considering the characteristics of the Itma fair – which occasionally took place in Milan, Italy – Pafa decided to donate the entrance ticket to the school’s 4th classes of the textile-fashion, mechanical and mechatronic courses. Around 100 students and teachers were thus able to visit the world’s most important mechanotextile fair, experiencing first hand the technologies and their applications that could represent their jobs of tomorrow.

The Pafa stand at the fair was invaded by young students and their teachers, who enthusiastically and curiously participated in the initiative!